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CallSteward.com Information

Local 22 is now using a new labor dispatching system, CallSteward.com.


To sign in and begin using CallSteward:

Log in with the username and password you were emailed. Or contact the office and we can set up your username and password.

Click on “My Profile.”

If you click on the pencil, you can edit your information and change your username and password. Be sure to click “Edit employee” when you are done.

If you change your contact information, you must also call the office with the changes. Changes in CallSteward.com DO NOT automatically update your information in our other records.

Please enable text messaging.

Text Set Up:

  • Log in and go to “Preferences”
  • Hit the Hyperlink on the left side “enable”
  • A prompt will ask you to enter your cell phone provider. The program will send to your cell phone a code that you enter. If you carrier is not on the list, contact the hall.

To confirm a job:

If you get a text about an upcoming job you have three options.

  • You can call Local 22 to confirm or decline the job.
  • You can log on to ia22.callsteward.com and go to “Schedule” and confirm or decline the job yourself.
  • You can reply to the text with your FULL NAME and confirm or decline the job.

IF YOU REPLY BE TEXT, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE WEBSITE TO SEE IF YOU WERE PUT ON THE JOB. If you are responding late at night to a job offer sent out much earlier, the position has probably already been filled.

Let us know when you are not available:

The vacation manager is under the heading “My Profile.” You can use this to enter any time you DO NOT want to work. You can enter a two hour doctor’s appointment, a month long vacation, or any amount of time you want off. However, your vacation has to start tomorrow. It will not take the current day. Please end your vacation NO LATER  than 11:59 pm the night  BEFORE you  become available.

If you have a regular job outside of Local 22, or any recurring unavailability, go to “My Profile,” click the pencil icon, and click the “Availability” tab. Here you can enter what hours you are NOT available to work every week.


The “Schedule” tab will show the jobs you have been offered, and the calls you have declined. When you have been offered a job, you can click the green or red icons to confirm or decline the job. IF YOU DECLINE A JOB YOU ARE LISTED AS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THAT DAY. If you decline a job by mistake, call the office and we can remove the decline.


Everyone was assigned the basic skills of our crafts. We are continuing to update skills. If you have certain skill not listed in your profile, or do not want to be assigned certain types of work, please contact the office.

Below are the skills currently listed in CallSteward.com. The skills with an asterisk are considered basic stagehand skills. This list will continue to be updated over time.



Steel Hand

A1 Digital




Hand *

Truck Driver



TV Utility

Boom Lift

Head Electrician

V AV Tech

Carpenter *

Head Rigger

V Camera

Carpenter - Shop


V Camera Hand Held

Carpenter - Stage


V Camera Set Up


Light Board

V Projection

Crew Chief

Projection Film

V Shade

Electric *

Prop *

V Tape Play Record

ETCP Electric

Pusher *

V Tech Director

ETCP Rigger



ETCP Theater Rig

Rigger Down



Scissor Lift

Video Hand *


Sound *

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