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Updated: Jul. 07 (11:07)

National Director Update - June 2020
Cooling Centers OPEN
UAW Local 4911
New House Bill Would Tax Wall St. Windfalls to Guarantee Good Jobs
Teamsters Local 355
July Union Meeting
IUEC Local 10
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 21
Why Labor Unions Make People Less Racist
Teamsters local 570
July 07, 2020
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Meeting Date

The next General Meeting of the Membership of IATSE Local 22 will be Sat. June 13, 2020, 9 am, pending further updates.

ETCP Certification

ETCP: Building a better industry through knowledge. ETCP Certification and continuing education promotes a culture of on-going learning, safety, and professionalism.

HELP! Please Donate to SERF

Brothers and Sisters, we recently received a letter from the IRS making every contribution of any amount fully tax-exempt for the Fund and making any donation in any amount fully tax deductible. Brothers & Sisters the need is great but at present, the SERF  funds are limited.

Website Registration

The Website Registration is for I.A.T.S.E. Local 22 Members in Good Standing. This is not for Referral Members. Referral Members can access most of the site with out registering.

New Call In Procedure

Local 22’s new call in policy. Effective January 15, 2020. In order to be sent to work through our referral system YOU MUST BE CALLED IN THROUGH THE JOB LINE. The New procedure will be to call in on Wednesdays starting at 8am and give your availability for the next week. An example will be to call in on January 15st and give your availability for Monday the 20th of January thru Sunday January 26th. Once you are sent om a job, you will be removed from of the out of work" list. When you get done with the job you are sent on, call in again to be placed be on the out of work list for the remaining portion of that week. If the job you are sent on is a one day job you will still be offered work for the remaining part of the week When calling in make sure to state your name, and your availability, that is all. Please make sure to speak your name clearly. If I can’t understand your name, you won’t be placed on the list. If you are not going to take a call, please decline it as soon as you know that you can’t work that call. While tracks declines, this is just a thing the software does. It does not count against you in anyway. The calls will also not be held for you indefinitely, we will remove you form the call if you don’t confirm in a reasonable time frame. This will go into effect for the week of January 20th, so please start calling in tomorrow Wednesday January 15th at 8 am with your availability for the week of the 20th.

Time for Change

Time For Change --Matthew Loeb, International President, IATSE For far too long women in our society have struggled for equality and a safe, harassment free workplace. Recent events and widely publicized instances of sexual harassment in the workplace have highlighted the need to deal with these matters here and now.

Sisters, Brothers, Kin —

We share in the heartbreak, frustration and anger surrounding the tragic murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. We stand in solidarity with the African-American community as together we grieve yet another lawless, racist killing in our country.

The principle that all people are equal and all people are deserving of respect and fair treatment is a cornerstone of the labor movement. As a labor union that represents Black members and people of color of all ethnicities, we have an ethical duty to do everything we can to root out racism in our communities, our homes, and our workplaces, once and for all.

While we are distraught, shaken and angered by the death of George Floyd, we must all join in the conversation for advocacy, effective change, fairness and justice for the African American community. We cannot sit and stay silent as people mourn yet another member of our community, and only the memory of the name be followed by the hashtag #ICantBreathe.

We must and will apply pressure across the board for systematic change to value Black lives through full and unified equal protection under the law, public health, medical care, education, housing, business development, and economic change and equality. We are prepared to advocate for specific, necessary policy and legislation, and we stand ready to lock arms with allies who are primarily focused on racial justice and reform.

Although buildings are burning, a life has been taken, and we cannot lose sight of the countless times our brothers and sisters of the African-American community have been robbed of their lives by acts of injustice, racism and bigotry. Still, we denounce violence and the destruction of property perpetrated by opportunists who seek to take advantage of this painful moment for personal gains. Additionally, it is absolutely unacceptable for the police to target reporters and their crews with violence or arrest for doing their constitutionally protected jobs.

As people of conscience, it is each individual’s duty to keep the momentum of the moment to evoke change by educating ourselves on the issues, speaking to our local politicians, and getting involved with local social justice chapters. Together, we must continue to peacefully protest for change, protest for justice, protest for inclusivity, and protest for equality.

In solidarity,
IATSE Communications






Sisters, Brothers, and Kin,


Pride Month in the U.S. and Canada is celebrated each June to recognize and honor the LBGTQIA+ community. June was chosen as it commemorates the Stonewall Riots/Uprising that occurred in New York City in 1969, which is considered the catalyst for the modern LGBTQIA+ rights movement. For those that are unaware, the uprising occurred when the LGBTQIA+ patrons of the Stonewall Inn had finally had enough of the police harassment and persecution of the Community, and fought back. One year later, in June 1970, the first Pride March was held to mark the anniversary of the riots/uprising. Last year, WorldPride was held in NYC to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the riots/uprising, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. Pride march.

Canada experienced their equivalent in 1981 with the Toronto Bathhouse Raids. On February 1981, patrons of four Toronto bathhouses were surprised by 200 police officers in a series of coordinated raids, called “Operation Soap.” Bathhouse patrons were subjected to excessive behaviour by police, including verbal taunts about their sexuality. When the night was over, 286 men were charged for being found in a common bawdy house and 20 for operating a bawdy house. At that time, it was the largest single arrest in Toronto’s history. Most of those arrested were found innocent. The raids marked a turning point for Canada’s gay community, as the protests that followed indicated they would no longer endure derogatory treatment from the police, media, and the public. Although the raids occurred in February, Canada joins countries across the world in celebrating Pride Month in June.

So, what has the IATSE Pride Committee got planned for Pride Month?


So far, we have held two Pride Town Halls and both had an incredible turn out! The first was an introduction to the Committee that included an encouraging opening speech by International President Loeb. Our second was regarding Mental Health & Wellness and included a presentation by Local One’s Healthcare Coordinator, Nneka Symister. Our aim is to hold a town hall every second Friday at 2:00pm EDT (11:00am PDT). However, for Pride month we are adding a few extra virtual social events.

June 5: Town Hall: Pride Committees 101 (register now)

June 12: BONUS: Virtual Pride March/Parade

June 19: Town Hall: Celebrating Diversity

June 26: BONUS: Virtual Tea Dance

These are open to both members/permits who identify as LGBTQIA+, as well as allies. More details and registration links (as available) can be found on the IATSE Pride Upcoming Events page.

If you want to be kept up to date with the happenings of the Committee and get first dibs at registering for events, you should consider signing up to our mailing list.


Due to the pandemic, most Pride celebrations have been cancelled and so, on Saturday, June 27th, organizations around the world will be coming together for a 24-hour virtual “Global Pride”. Details are still being worked out, but we will make sure to post more on our website, and send out via our mailing list, once we have the specifics.


Does your local have a Pride Committee? We want to connect! We are publishing a list on our website so that members can easily find contact information for their local’s pride committee. Please send us your committee’s name, contact email, and, if they feel comfortable, your chair’s name and pronouns and we will post them on the Pride Committees section of our website.

If your pride committee is under a different banner (for example, a diversity committee) that’s great, too! We will add whatever info we are provided. You can email us committee info at:

If your local doesn’t currently have a pride committee, Pride Month is the perfect time to consider starting one!


The Comms Dept has been running some really inspirational member stories regarding the awesome things our members have been doing to help during the COVID-19 crisis. For Pride Month, they would also like to gather stories from our LGBTQIA+ identifying members to help celebrate our community within the IATSE. If you would like to take part, you can fill out this info sheet.


The IATSE Pride Committee uses our mailing list to communicate directly with our LGBTQIA+ membership and allies. Anyone who’s interested should sign up to be kept in the loop. Mailing list recipients are also the first to receive the registration links for our bi-weekly Town Halls, so if you want to make sure that you get first crack at reserving a spot, please sign up here.


We want to wish everyone a happy Pride Month and hope you can join in on some of our upcoming pride activities!

In pride and solidarity,

The IATSE Pride Committee

IATSE is actively fighting for workers rights during this pandemic. Their demands from our representatives would benefit MANY industries, not just Entertainment/ Live Events. Take a moment to read and sign this petition and have your voice be heard. #Strongertogether

Mutual Aid Network COVID-19

IATSE Local 22 is joining other locals and the International in setting up a Mutual Aid Network comprised of its members and referral members. This is a way of finding out what our people need, as well as uniting them with those who can help. This is also is intended to be a way for us as a group to stick together in a unprecedented time in our industry. Please take a moment to fill out the Mutual Aid form linked below. This program is for anyone in our industry who wants to participate. This is a chance to build a stronger community and help each other during this time of uncertainty.

22 Mutual Aid Form

Helpful Links During the COVID-19 Crisis.

Check Back Frequently for additions and updates.  Also Check "Union Perks, Financial Assistance, Special Offers.

AFL-CIO Updates-

Union Plus

Unemployment Compensation/ Insurance





IATSE National Benefit Funds

Annuity hardship withdrawals have been extended to include a new category of hardship withdrawals to assist those of you who have been affected by Covid-19. If you have lost work, been laid off, or had other losses or expenses due to the virus, you are eligible for immediate withdrawal in the amount of your loss. In order to obtain a hardship application please email

National Benifits Fund CARES Act withdraw update


Behind the Scenes-  Apply for a basic needs grant.

Local Food Banks


To pay your dues online, please register for the website ,

then go to the Member Home Page on the top left.

When you are registering for the Website,

 use the name on your Membership Card. 

2020 Stamps= $62.00/Quarter or $248.00/Year

Carpentry Class, Hands On Training
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Family Theater Load In
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MGM Fall to Christmas Changeover 2018
MGM Fall to Christmas Changeover 2018
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National Memorial Day Concert
Memorial Day Focus in the Rain
Action Center

Watch! A message of support from Matthew Loeb during these troubling times.
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