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May 24, 2017

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Local 22, IATSE Training

The Local 22 Training Department is a division of the Local through which we hope to establish more and better standards of workplace safety, behavior, and technical knowledge. The department has developed over 200 hrs. (over 60 separate subjects) of classes and has held over 1100 hrs. of classes, with a total of more than 3000 students attending.

We are funded by the nonprofit Local 22, I.A.T.S.E. Training Fund, a 501(c)(3) training trust whose income is drawn from our employers based on the income of our referral members. We are partners in the T.E.T. (Theatre & Entertainment Technology) Certificate Program with Prince George’s Community College, jointly funded and taught by our two organizations. We are members of PLASA, USITT, InfoComm, NSC, and ASSE.

Announcements of classes available to the Local 22 Referral System will be posted to this page at the time that they go out by email, along with links to registration information. Click on the Articles below for New Class Announcements.

Use our Training Reference Site for test study materials and videos demonstrating working skills used in Local 22.  There are also links to other training sites and information here.

For more information on our Theatre and Entertainment Technology (TET) College Certificate Program with Prince Georges Community College click here.

Useful AV Standards and "how to's" developed by Freeman AVW, a national AV Production company that we frequently work with.  Lots of useful information in these skill sheets applicable to stagehands.

For more information on InfoComm AV Online Training click here.

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Aerial Work Platform class June 2017
May 22, 2017
REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR: Aerial Work Platform Certification: 2 Sessions, June 15th & June 16th. 8:30am-5:30pm at the Kennedy Center-Rehearsal Room 3. This class is for new drivers, as well as experienced ones. Scissor lift, elevated boom lift and single man self propelled will be covered. Fee- $35.  You MUST register via email
Spring classes
Apr 25, 2017
REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR: Basic Classes: Basic Rigging: Saturday, May 6th, 10am-2pm, Local 22 BXB Hall, 1810 Hamlin St NE- Building steel. Laying out truss. This is just a start to rigging in the entertainment industry. THIS CLASS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A RIGGER PLEASE- know how to tie a bowline and clove hitch before attending this class.
Intro to local 22 and Stagecraft 6-14-17
Aug 06, 2015
REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR: Intro to Stagecraft and Local 22: This class is required in order to take the basic classes we offer.  It is also a requirement for the C test, and to remain an active member on the D list. You do not need to take it more than once, but are welcome to come for the refresher.
New InfoComm Class Info
Feb 24, 2012
IA International's ICAP Training organization has a new contract with InfoComm which gives all IATSE Members free access to a selection of InfoComm online AV classes. These are the same classes which Local 22 Training has been supplying at discount rates to our referral system for some time.

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