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November 16, 2019

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The State of the (Local 22) Union
Updated On: Jan 20, 2019

Brothers & SistersThe State of Local 22 is Strong and on solid footing.

  • Our ranks have swelled by over 125 new members, that bring positive recognition and excellent resolve to Our Local. 
  • Local 22 is:
    • Active in Trade Unionism
    • Local 22 is Active in Education of our Craft and Trade Unionism as we thank our exiting Training & Education Administrator- Sister. Anita Hartsock. and welcome our new Administrator- Sister. Allison Helms.
    • And Local 22 has an exciting new training and financial partnership with DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment 
    • Local 22 has at last, an Active Organizing Committee
      • With 2 young Bulls leading the charge, -VP. Ryan Chavka & VP Dave McIntyre
  • Local 22 has been active in local politics and the body politic knows our Name and what we Represent.
  • Local 22 has legislation moving through the DC Council.
  • Local 22 has an Active Young Workers Committee (YWC) that contributes to the community.
  • Local 22 is active with the DC COPE and uses our good offices to promote and advance, the efforts of the Committee on Political Education
  • Local 22 interacts & shares resources with other IA Locals
  • Local 22 eligibility for healthcare, is at an all-time high, and that is because Local 22’s members gross income, is at an all-time high, increasing 2-3 million dollars per year for the last 3 years.
  • Local 22 is alive because it is growing, Local 22 is alive because it is active, and it is alive because of each and every one of you who got up out of your beds this cold January morning, dressed and drove, biked, or walked to this Union Meeting, the 13th consecutive Union meeting with a full Quorum.
  • Yes Brothers & Sisters, the State of Local 22 is Strong!
  • Local 22’s positive reputation grows in the City, the surrounding counties and States and in the Nation. 
  • The International Alliance Knows our Name.
  • As we begin this year, an election year for the local; I know we as a Local will grow stronger, we as a Local will defend our interests, we will organize the un-organized, we will educate workers in Stagecraft, Trade Unionism, and  we will be:

The Union- Behind Entertainment

-- I. Chuck Clay,

President, IATSE Local 22

January 12, 2019

IATSE Local 22
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